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EOR - what is it?

Employee of Record is an employment system that transfers responsibility for employees to another entity. This way, you gain an employee legally employed within the borders of another country, who is looked after by an external company. The monthly subscription is the key that allows you to gain more time. The service includes, among other things, handling paperwork, payroll, tax settlements and social benefits such as pension and health insurance.

Lower running costs with the EOR service are within your reach. Building and managing human resources is time-consuming, which is why Uniqorm wants to serve you with the years of experience it has in this area. Legal requirements and regulations related to immigration, employment and payroll are a snap for us. We are here to support your business by implementing all your orders, because you are the one who makes decisions about jobs. We only make it easier for our clients to develop their business in new markets, helping them to reduce their business risks by professionally administering their team abroad.

As an EOR entity, our job is to secure the back office. Our thorough knowledge of the applicable regulations helps us to do this. As a result, this contributes to the smooth handling of all formal employment issues.

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With Uniqorm you can, when entering the Swedish market, hire employees and settle accounts with B2B employees quickly and without unnecessary problems. Our knowledge and international structure will help you reduce business risk, save money and time. We will give your employees a Swedish krona salary, benefits, medical care and affordable pension contributions.

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EOR in practice

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Business development requires time and attention, that is why we offer our clients a service which will take the burden of HR and payroll off their shoulders. With this solution, entrepreneurs save time and money, and reduce the risk of investment failure in a new market.

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